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AUD SGD | Weakest Aussie Dollar Opportunity-2016-2017

AUD SGD | Weakest Aussie Dollar Opportunity-2016-2017

AUD SGD | Weakest Aussie Dollar Opportunity In 2016-2017

AUD SGD Opportunity is getting near to us in 2016-2017. There are a few happy things for me to look forward to when AUD vs SGD is estimated to be the weakest in this decade. Not only local commenters from Australia mentioned that Australia currency will slide further in the next couple of months but personally, i think the current downtrend of AUD SGD will persist due to the drop in global commodity prices and it may like to affect Australia economy and its GDP.

From the below 5 years AUD SGD chart, we can see that AUD vs SGD was peak on 16 Feb 2012 at 1.35707 and the exchange rate trumbled down to a 5 years record low of 0.99693 on 27 July 2015. The psychological support level at the currency exchange rate of 1 AUD vs 1 SGD on 27 July 2015 and Q3-2008 is likely to be broken and repeat again in 2016-2017.

aud sgd

If this AUD vs SGD trend continues in 2016-2017, i may like to do the following:

  1. Open up a SGD vs AUD currency account with one of the Australian banks.
  2. Revisit my favourite melbourne and sydney city for leisure holidays.
  3. Exercise my option for a melbourne property investment by 2017.
  4. Exercise my option for two pieces of land near western Melbourne.

I stayed in Australia for a couple of years and i would love to visit this beautiful country again and again especially in Melbourne vicinity and Sydney Suburb areas. It is always so relaxing over there especially in the spring season between September and November.

For those Singaporean students who would like to explore overseas university studies, 2016-2017 could be one of the greatest times to study in Australia due to the possible weakest AUD SGD exchange rate in this decade.

Robert Kiyosaki has predicted a Currency Crisis is coming in 2016. We can possibly think of converting such currency crisis into a great opportunity for investors like us. Happy preparation and property investing ahead.

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  1. Thanks for your effort in jott down above points.
    Whats your opinion on future trends on AUD vs SGD ? Is there any chance that AUD will stronger back to its real position ?

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