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Older Leasehold But Cheaper – You Might Want To Avoid Such Property

When buying cheaper old leasehold, you should expect to incur more expenses in the long-term. Anyone who holds a property on leasehold, they have to protect it or otherwise it reverts to the property owner, freeholder, leaving him/her empty. People who have lived on a property for many years have an option to renew the lease. However, the lease premium depends on the remaining length of time. The vital trigger point for a diminishing lease is after 80 years. That ... Read More »

7 Tips to a Wonderful Home Buying Experience  

hdb flat for rent singapore

So you’re finally ready to move out and buy your own home. It can be a mite intimidating to go into this, especially if you don’t know much about the process. Here are a few handy pointers to make your home buying experience the best one ever. Steps for Simplifying the Process Use a property portal. It’s convenient and easy to use. With sites like PropertyGuru Singapore, finding HDB flats that suit your taste should be easy. Consider loans. If you’ve ... Read More »

GE 2015 Results |Singapore General Election

GE 2015 Results

GE 2015 Results – Singapore General Election     GRC / SMC in Singapore GE 2015 Results – 11 Sep 2015 Aljunied GRC WP PAP 69,929 50.95% 67,317 49.05% Ang Mo Kio GRC PAP RP 135,115 78.63% 36,711 21.37% Bukit Batok SMC PAP SDP IND 18,204 72.99% 6,585 26.40% 150 0.60% Bukit Panjang SMC PAP SDP 21,935 68.38% 10,143 31.62% Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC PAP SPP 86,514 73.59% 31,049 26.41% Chua Chu Kang GRC PAP PPP 84,731 76.89% 25,460 23.11% East ... Read More »

Property Stocks Singapore List

property stocks

Property Stocks Singapore List – 27 Aug 2015 Property Stocks Singapore List Based on Dividend Yield Rate In Descending Order. Company Name Code Industry Mkt. Cap.in S$ mm Tot. Rev.in S$ mm P/E Div. Yld.in % LHN Limited 41O Real Estate Management and Development 47 94.3 4.615 769.23 Croesus Retail Trust S6NU Real Estate Management and Development 414 72.5 10.879 8.01 China Yuanbang Property Holdings Limited BCD Real Estate Management and Development 21.5 157 2.443 7.14 TEE Land Limited S9B ... Read More »

GE 2015 Singapore on 11 Sept 2015

GE 2015 Singapore

GE 2015 Singapore on 11 Sept 2015 With GE 2015 Singapore been announced today, all eligible Singaporeans will have to vote for our next Singapore Government on 11 September 2015. At the same time, we can also enjoy another long weekend as this important poll day will be our public holiday. Yes! Which constituency do you belong? There will be 29 constituencies to be taken care by 89 elected Members of Parliament. Who is Our Returning Officer in this GE 2015? Our favorite ... Read More »

Executive Condo Singapore, A Better Investment?

executive condo

Executive Condo Singapore, A Better Investment For Singaporeans? Executive Condo Singapore‘s income ceiling requirement may be likely to be announced to be lifted up during 23 Aug 2015 or tonight SG50 National Day Rally Speech by PM Lee. The possible rise in such EC’s income ceiling cap may be ranged from $2000-3000 to reach up to $15,000. Currently, Singapore households earning a gross income of more than S$12,000 cannot buy ECs and those households earning more than S$10,000 cannot apply for new ... Read More »

AUD SGD | Weakest Aussie Dollar Opportunity-2016-2017

australia dollars vs singapore dollars

AUD SGD | Weakest Aussie Dollar Opportunity In 2016-2017 AUD SGD Opportunity is getting near to us in 2016-2017. There are a few happy things for me to look forward to when AUD vs SGD is estimated to be the weakest in this decade. Not only local commenters from Australia mentioned that Australia currency will slide further in the next couple of months but personally, i think the current downtrend of AUD SGD will persist due to the drop in global commodity ... Read More »

Masters of Wealth By Robert Kiyosaki

masters of wealth singapore by robert kiyosaki

Masters of Wealth By Robert Kiyosaki Masters of Wealth Singapore by Robert Kiyosaki will be presented live in Singapore and Malaysia. Robert Kiyosaki has quoted that “I predict the BIG BUST will come by 2016. For those who are PREPARED, theFUTURE is VERY BRIGHT!“. This is enlightening to us as property investors. Why i said his above statement is so interesting is because Robert Kiyosaki back in year 2005 had predicted that there would be a financial crisis and he remained ... Read More »

Sentosa Merlion Roared In Colours During SG50 NDP

Sentosa Merlion Roared In Colours During SG50 NDP Read More »

Lizzie Velasquez’s Quote

Lizzie Velasquez's Quote

Lizzie Velásquez  (born on March 13, 1989) who is tagged as the world’s most ulgiest woman is an American motivational speaker and author. She suffers from a rare congenital disease which, among other symptoms, impedes her from accumulating body fat. This condition resulted in bullying during her childhood and early youth and ultimately inspired her to take up motivational speaking. Guess what? Lizzie Velasquez will be the key speaker in the National Achievers Congress Singapore 2016. If you would like to learn more about ... Read More »