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Crowdfunding Australia

crowd funding investment australia

Crowdfunding Australia [For information only]   Looking for crowdfunding investments? An australia developer is to share another very informative session on how you can invest in Australia. Can this crowd funding australia opportunity be true? You can attend this free talk to check it out. This is not a property purchase but a finance deal that is backed by secured land titles. On top of land security, there will also be additional developer’s guarantee, i.e. a developer that is a ... Read More »

Highest HDB Resale Price

highest HDB resale price

Highest HDB Resale Price | $1.09 mil @ Blk 194 Bishan St13 Highest HDB resale price was set to $1.09 million and not surprisely, it is block 194, Bishan Street 13 again! To be exact, the record high price of HDB flat in Singapore history (dated October 2014) is $1,088,888 !!! This is a 18 years old, high level,  HDB Maisonette located at Bishan St 13.   It may not be a surprise if the seller and buyer are both Chinese ... Read More »

Total Success Program Singapore By Tony Robbins

Total Success Program Singapore by Tony Robbins

See Tony Robbins Live In Singapore. Discover that you CAN change your life forever and live it on your terms at the Total Success program.           More info on special offers (May 15 SG Event Over)  Other Tony Robbins’ Events (6-10 Jun 15 @ London) Break down your barriers and become the best version of yourself with the world’s best, Tony Robbins. The last Anthony Robbins was here in Singapore was in 2009. You do not want to miss this ... Read More »

Revised HDB Resale Price Index

Revised HDB Resale Price Index - Q1 2015

Revised HDB Resale Price Index Revised HDB Resale Price Index (RPI) was announced on 9 December 2014 which will impact on the 4th quarter RPI result of 2014. Since the last revision in 2002, the  variety of resale flats in terms of design, age, location has increased but such factors were not taken into consideration as the Resale Price Index (RPI) provides the general price trend of resale HDB flats. HDB has updated the computation methodology of the RPI by: ... Read More »

Property Investment Seminar Singapore

Discover How Property Investment Seminar Has Helped To Improve The Lives of Many Averaged Singaporeans And Existing Retail Property Investors. [Under Construction now ] Instead of having a closed mind to make you what you are today, why not embrace an open mind to check out this Property Investment eminar ? Register your free seat now for our free 2 hours Impactful Property Investment Seminar worth S$380.   During this two hour seminar, you will benefit to know some useful ... Read More »

What To Invest In Singapore

What To Invest In Singapore   This topic of what to invest in Singapore is nothing new. Yet, a lot of people might have been attracted into high yield investments and subsequently lost their hard earned money. Perhaps it is a desire that Singaporeans who live in one of the the world’s most expensive cities to invest in Singapore but without thinking of the downside or do their due diligence first. So what to invest in Singapore? Here are some ... Read More »

Property Investment Store Singapore

property investment singapore store

Property Investment Store‘s recommended property investment books and other resources which may be useful to you in one way or another. The least one can take some actions is to start his or her property investment education by reading the right property investment books. We will continue to share this list of resources with the property investment community in Singapore. Read More »

Private Property Price Index


Private Property Price Index 2014   The above private property price index chart was released as of 2nd January 2015 showing the four continuous quarter of price decrease. It includes the latest private property index Q4-2014 data which  represents a decline of 1.0%, compared to the 0.7% decline in the previous quarter. This down trending private residential property price index shows that property prices have fallen by 4% for the whole 2014. It provides a confirmation hint that the Singapore property market is declining consistently in the ... Read More »

Project Jewel – Singapore Changi Airport Shopping Paradise by End of 2018

project jewel

Project Jewel – What’s In it For Property Investors And Singaporeans?   Project Jewel Singapore became a bust line when PM Lee announced this S$1.5billion project during National Rally 2013. Being a Singaporean, I am quite proud to hear this out of the blue and yet innovative property development at Changi Airport. In fact, i just took my family for a leisure outing at Changi Budget Terminal 3 yesterday and I happened to take the monorail, passing this intended site of Project Jewel, i.e. the ... Read More »

How To Buy REITS In Singapore

how to buy reits in singapore

How To Buy REITS in Singapore?   Which REITS in Singapore to invest with will depend on the following 4 factors:   1) Distribution Yield REITs are attractive because 90% of the REIT’s income will be usually distributed to the REIT investors on quarterly basis or semi-annually . For financial savvy people,  they will prefer to go for value investing in REITs Singapore than putting their money at their bank. Distribution yield can be easily calculated by taking the total annual ... Read More »