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Older Leasehold But Cheaper – You Might Want To Avoid Such Property

When buying cheaper old leasehold, you should expect to incur more expenses in the long-term. Anyone who holds a property on leasehold, they have to protect it or otherwise it reverts to the property owner, freeholder, leaving him/her empty. People who have lived on a property for many years have an option to renew the lease. However, the lease premium depends on the remaining length of time. The vital trigger point for a diminishing lease is after 80 years. That ... Read More »

7 Tips to a Wonderful Home Buying Experience  

hdb flat for rent singapore

So you’re finally ready to move out and buy your own home. It can be a mite intimidating to go into this, especially if you don’t know much about the process. Here are a few handy pointers to make your home buying experience the best one ever. Steps for Simplifying the Process Use a property portal. It’s convenient and easy to use. With sites like PropertyGuru Singapore, finding HDB flats that suit your taste should be easy. Consider loans. If you’ve ... Read More »

Executive Condo Singapore, A Better Investment?

executive condo

Executive Condo Singapore, A Better Investment For Singaporeans? Executive Condo Singapore‘s income ceiling requirement may be likely to be announced to be lifted up during 23 Aug 2015 or tonight SG50 National Day Rally Speech by PM Lee. The possible rise in such EC’s income ceiling cap may be ranged from $2000-3000 to reach up to $15,000. Currently, Singapore households earning a gross income of more than S$12,000 cannot buy ECs and those households earning more than S$10,000 cannot apply for new ... Read More »

AUD SGD | Weakest Aussie Dollar Opportunity-2016-2017

australia dollars vs singapore dollars

AUD SGD | Weakest Aussie Dollar Opportunity In 2016-2017 AUD SGD Opportunity is getting near to us in 2016-2017. There are a few happy things for me to look forward to when AUD vs SGD is estimated to be the weakest in this decade. Not only local commenters from Australia mentioned that Australia currency will slide further in the next couple of months but personally, i think the current downtrend of AUD SGD will persist due to the drop in global commodity ... Read More »

Singapore General Election – GE 2015

Singapore General Election

Singapore General Election GE 2015/2016 Next Singapore General Election must be held by Jan 2017 and we may be likely to have a GE 2015. Eligible Singaporeans, i.e. at the age of 21 and above will have to cast their precious votes in this coming GE to decide for the future of Singapore. During Singapore General Election 2011, we might recall that some of GE 2011 hot topics include the affordability of public housing. To effectively address the public’s concern over these ... Read More »

Overseas Property Investment Guide

overseas property investment

Overseas Property Investment Guide Overseas property investment becomes popular in Singapore as Singaporeans find that property investment Singapore is getting very challenging due to the local cooling measure and high property prices. Based on past trends, Singaporeans favor popular property markets such as London, Australia, USA, Malaysia and Philippines. Since the beginning of 2015, you may also start to see that there are more foreign property investment opportunities such as those from Japan and even from emerging neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar. ... Read More »

Australia Property Investment

australia property investment

Australia Property Investment At A Higher Cost? I happened to retrieve an Australia property investment article dated Feb 2015. This article indicates the new aussie government policy to re-enforce the need for foreigners to pay A$5000 (S$5300) for each of the Australia properties purchased or otherwise they may face a 25% penalty of the property purchase price. With the current weak Aussie dollar against Singapore dollar, will such policy further deters Singaporean property investors from investing Australia property? Personally, i ... Read More »

Seminar Room Rental Singapore

Discover How Our Seminar Room Rental Service Singapore Helps To Improve One’s Motivation And The Spirit of Learning A good seminar room environment is equally as important as to have a great speaker in any seminar, workshop or talk. Our seminar room rental singapore service will ensure your good experience from your online booking of time slots to the final delivery of service on that important event day of yours. At the end of the day, we hope to leave your participants ... Read More »

LTV – Loan To Value Ratio


Knowing LTV – Loan To Value Ratio LTV or loan to value ratio is used to determine the amount of loan taken out on a property in relation to its value expressed as a percentage. By knowing your LTV, you will have a better assessment whether your intended loan application can be approved by your bank. Beginning from 2014, there is an increasing trend in the number of properties putting up at the property auctions due to unpaid mortgage installment by the ... Read More »

What To Invest In Singapore

What To Invest In Singapore   This topic of what to invest in Singapore is nothing new. Yet, a lot of people might have been attracted into high yield investments and subsequently lost their hard earned money. Perhaps it is a desire that Singaporeans who live in one of the the world’s most expensive cities to invest in Singapore but without thinking of the downside or do their due diligence first. So what to invest in Singapore? Here are some ... Read More »