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Private Property Price Index


Private Property Price Index 2014   The above private property price index chart was released as of 2nd January 2015 showing the four continuous quarter of price decrease. It includes the latest private property index Q4-2014 data which  represents a decline of 1.0%, compared to the 0.7% decline in the previous quarter. This down trending private residential property price index shows that property prices have fallen by 4% for the whole 2014. It provides a confirmation hint that the Singapore property market is declining consistently in the ... Read More »

Project Jewel – Singapore Changi Airport Shopping Paradise by End of 2018

project jewel

Project Jewel – What’s In it For Property Investors And Singaporeans?   Project Jewel Singapore became a bust line when PM Lee announced this S$1.5billion project during National Rally 2013. Being a Singaporean, I am quite proud to hear this out of the blue and yet innovative property development at Changi Airport. In fact, i just took my family for a leisure outing at Changi Budget Terminal 3 yesterday and I happened to take the monorail, passing this intended site of Project Jewel, i.e. the ... Read More »

Mortgage Loan and TDSR

mortgage loan

Mortgage Loan and TDSR   Mortgage loan will be of lesser demand when the number of new property sales decline. But on the other hand,  factors such Total Debt Servicing ratio (TDSR) is also impacting the eligibility of one taking mortgage loan from the banks or financial institutions. If one has opted for a unit from a developer but  does not exercise the option within the specified period, he or she may get forfeited 1.25% of the property price. This is really ... Read More »

Singapore Property Cycle

singapore property cycle

Singapore Property Cycle | When To Time Right   Singapore Property Cycle like the usual property cycle, will go up and down in a predictable pattern which may come after stock market trend.  Retail property buyers usually will rush to buy properties with the fear that the high property prices will go higher. This will eventually bring the cycle to the peak and reversal at one time when the last man is down.  The reversal of the Singapore Property Cycle is certainly ... Read More »

Private Property Price Index Q2-2014

private residential property price index

Private Property Price Index Q2-2014   The above private property price index chart was released as of 1st July 2014 showing the third continuous quarter of price decrease. It includes the latest Q2-2014 data which fell 2.3 points from 211.6 points in 1st Quarter 2014 to 209.3 points in 2nd Quarter 2014. This represents a decline of 1.1%, compared to the 1.3% decline in the previous quarter. What does this downtrending private residential property price index imply? Local property market is ... Read More »

China Bubble Is Bursting?

china bubble

China Bubble Is Bursting To Hit Us?   China bubble risk is repeatedly quoted by many economists for the past 1-2 years. There are no lack of news updates to also quote a sharp decline in property construction units and sales especially in 2014. This is a reversal to the post sub-prime crisis recovery which China was leading in terms of global recovery. Will China property bubble going to bursting soon to revive the concept of hard landing? Well, this ... Read More »

Property Market Statistics

Property Market Statistics   Expected Property Supply 2014 – 2018 ( As of Q1 2014)     Read More »

URA Property Price Index

Revised URA Property Price Index –  2015 On 1 April 2015, The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has released the flash estimate of the private residential property price index (PPI) for 1st Quarter 2015, which has been computed using an improved methodology. Revision of the URA PPI URA’s private residential PPI reflects the broad price trends in Singapore’s private residential market. It also serves a good guage of the current property investment Singapore trend. Since the last revision to the PPI methodology ... Read More »

High Speed Rail Singapore Poll

High Speed Rail Singapore Poll

High Speed Rail Singapore   High Speed Rail Singapore to Kuala Lumpur project was jointly announced by Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong and Malaysian PM Najib on 8 April 2014. This high speed rail Singapore project aims to shorten the travelling time between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to just 90 minutes as compared to a 3.5 hours drive via north south expressway. Both the government have set an ambition goal to be completed by 2020. While the Malaysia counterpart has officially ... Read More »

URA Caveats

ura caveats

URA Caveat | What is it? URA caveat is a legal document lodged with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) by a property purchaser to protect his/her interests after an option to purchase is exercised or a Sales & Purchase Agreement is signed. Such URA caveats are lodged at least at least 2-3 weeks after a purchaser signed an option to purchase at the showflats. Do note that a typical URA caveat does not contain the name of the buyer and seller, ... Read More »