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Toll Charges Revised At Johor Bahru

Toll Charges Revised At Johor Bahru | Effective from 1st August 2014   Toll charges increased by 568%!!!  HolyCow! What will be the next wave after this toll fee increase? With the raising of RM$1million limit for Singapore property buyers or any foreign property buyers and now followed by this toll hike in just a couple of months, is the attractiveness of Iskandar Zone A over for all our fellow Singapore property investors as well as those who are planning ... Read More »

URA Master Plan

URA Master Plan Introduction   URA Master Plan is one of the best planning tools which Singapore property investors and developers can make use of. So what is exactly URA Master Plan? It is a government’s strategic plan for the development of Singapore land and property in a medium term horizon of the next 10 to 15 years. URA Master Plan will include the details such as the permissible land use and density for such development. It was started since 1958 and ... Read More »

Thomson Line

thomson line

Thomson Line – TSL Line To Be Completed By 2021   Thomson Line (TSL) being the Singapore’s sixth MRT line is a 30km underground train line that is expected to be fully completed in 2021. Thomson Line will have 22 stations and 6 interchange stations which will link to the East-West Line, North-South Line, North-East Line, Circle Line and the future Downtown Line. It will be the fourth fully automatic and driverless system MRT line in Singapore. This TSR line is fully underground which costs ... Read More »

Eastern Region Line Stations | ERL Map


Eastern Region Line Stations | ERL Map   Eastern Region Line Stations are along on the Eastern Region Line (ERL) which will link up the east coast from Changi to Marina Bay. Being the Singapore’s seventh MRT line which is 21km long, it is expected to be completed by around 2020 to connect the residential estates of Changi, Upper East Coast, Bedok South, Siglap, Marine Parade and Tanjong Rhu with the end stop at Central Business District in Marina Bay, i.e. Bay ... Read More »

TDSR | Total Debt Servicing Ratio

Total Debt Servicing Ratio

TDSR | Total Debt Servicing Ratio   TDSR or Total Debt Servicing Ratio is considered one of the most severe property cooling measures in Singapore. Introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 29 June 2013, the TDSR framework restricts banks from approving home loans if a person’s monthly debt obligations including credit card installment exceed 60 per cent of his monthly gross income. Yet, it was found that only 1 in 3 persons being recently surveyed by UOB is aware of ... Read More »

Property Cooling Measures Singapore

property cooling measures singapore

Property Cooling Measures Singapore   Rounds of property cooling measures Singapore have introduced by Singapore government to avoid property bubbles or market over speculation. Many property investors can already feel the impact of such property cooling measures and it is also obvious to see the URA property price index started to tip down from late last year. Are you lost?  For your convenience, this single post will share all the latest property cooling measures and related updates. Do note that some of these property cooling ... Read More »