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SReit Outlook In 2015

Sreit outlook

My Take In SReit Outlook for 2015-2016 SReit has certainly helped me to build my nest bigger for the past few years. It is not just the capital gain but the consistent quarterly paid out dividends which attracts me. For the whole of 2014, the returns from my Sreit investment is generally not too bad, i.e. approximately about 7% return. However, with the recent news release by US Labor Department that US Payrolls continued to grow by an adjusted 295,000 ... Read More »

How To Buy REITS In Singapore

how to buy reits in singapore

How To Buy REITS in Singapore?   Which REITS in Singapore to invest with will depend on the following 4 factors:   1) Distribution Yield REITs are attractive because 90% of the REIT’s income will be usually distributed to the REIT investors on quarterly basis or semi-annually . For financial savvy people,  they will prefer to go for value investing in REITs Singapore than putting their money at their bank. Distribution yield can be easily calculated by taking the total annual ... Read More »

SRS Account | Singapore Supplementary Retirement Scheme

What is SRS Account or Supplementary Retirement Scheme?   SRS Account investment is something you cannot miss out especially if you are a high income earner. If you have not opened a SRS account, you may consider to open up one with any of the three approved banks namely DBS , OCBC and UOB. So, what is SRS Account or Supplementary Retirement Scheme? This SRS Singapore is a MOF initiative started since 2001 which  allows a Singaporean, Permanent Resident or ... Read More »

Singapore REITS Chart

singapore reits chart

Singapore REITS | SGX REITS Chart Read More »