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The Secret Law of Attaction

the secret law of attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction Watch The Secret of Law of Attraction 2 Min Trailer Movie to discover the secret of wealth and life success. The Law of Attraction is all about believing in something positive and you will eventually get what you want. Does it works for us in property investment? I am sure it does help many property investors in Singapore in achieving the level of success that they want. It works for me too. You may not find this true ... Read More »

Property Investment Store Singapore

property investment singapore store

Property Investment Store‘s recommended property investment books and other resources which may be useful to you in one way or another. The least one can take some actions is to start his or her property investment education by reading the right property investment books. We will continue to share this list of resources with the property investment community in Singapore. Read More »

Singapore District Map

singapore district map

Singapore District Map Information   Singapore District Map is divided into 28 postal districts. Especially for Singapore District 9, 10, 11, Sentosa and Downtown Core, these areas are in the heart of Central Business District and key shopping belt. Of course, the residential developments in such postal districts are the most expensive and sought after as they are right in the key commercial and financial hub areas. This cluster of districts and core region formed what we call the Core Central ... Read More »

Seminar Room For Rent Singapore

Seminar Room For Rent Singapore Sorry, the seminar room is currently unavailable until further advise. ———————————————- Why This Seminar Room For Rent? Reasons are listed here…. Very Quiet And Conducive Environment Mini Auditorium Rental Singapore like facilities (i.e. up to 250 pax) Next to Tanjong Pagar MRT (via underground pass) and a wide choices of F&B outlets Pleasing Conference Room with Sealed Windows for Abundance of Natural Light Dual projectors and screens provide excellent presentation visibility to all the participants Column ... Read More »

Cashflow Game | Cashflow 101 And Cashflow For Kids

cashflow board game

Cashflow Game To Start   Cashflow game or cashflow 101 is a board game played by new and seasoned property investors. If you have attended a multi-level marketing (MLM) sort of meeting, you may come across such cashflow game sessions. The intention of this post is not to talk about MLM but rather the learning experience through playing such cashflow board game.  This is not a Monopoly that we used to know because it has more financial education components and ... Read More »

Mortgage Home Loan Calculator

Mortgage loan Calculator

Mortgage Calculator | Your Free Home Loan Calculator   Want to find out your mortgage loan monthly instalment in a split second?  Try out our mortgage calculator. It helps you to calculate your monthly loan instalment based on the value of your purchased property, downpayment, interest rate and required loan tenure.  This home loan calculator provides a mortgage amortization schedule that breaks down monthly payments into interest and principal. However, it does not take other minor factors such as property ... Read More »