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Crowdfunding Australia

Crowdfunding Australia

Crowdfunding Australia

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An australia developer is to share another very informative session on how you can invest in Australia. Can this crowd funding australia opportunity be true? You can attend this free talk to check it out.

This is not a property purchase but a finance deal that is backed by secured land titles. On top of land security, there will also be additional developer’s guarantee, i.e. a developer that is a regulated Australian company.

Real Estate Crowdfunding 

Do you know that Australia is the World’s Second Largest Exporter of Iron Ore (iron is used in cars, construction and many other functional goods)? The iron in the products around you are likely to have originated from Australia. There is a drive for increased output despite lower prices of iron ore.

Established companies are still expanding their operations to increase output to meet global demand. This project is situated in the prime iron ore industry, which is one of the key generator of wealth for Australia. There is a shortage of proper housing as many miners and peripheral providers stay in shipping containers that are converted into quads and as such are poorly ventilated or insulated and yet expensive. The crowd funding Australia development is in line with the Australia government’s desire for developers to provide proper housing that will help the industry sustain growth and reduce turnover of manpower due to poor living conditions.



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