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GE 2015 Singapore on 11 Sept 2015

GE 2015 Singapore on 11 Sept 2015

GE 2015 Singapore on 11 Sept 2015

With GE 2015 Singapore been announced today, all eligible Singaporeans will have to vote for our next Singapore Government on 11 September 2015. At the same time, we can also enjoy another long weekend as this important poll day will be our public holiday. Yes!

Which constituency do you belong?

There will be 29 constituencies to be taken care by 89 elected Members of Parliament.

GE2015 Singapore Constituencies

Who is Our Returning Officer in this GE 2015?

Our favorite Returning Officer, Yam Ah Mee has moved on to private sector. Ng Wai Choong, the Chief Executive of Energy Market Authority will be announcing this GE 2015 election results. Though the job of the returning officer is simple, he cannot make any single mistake. It can be a stressful job just like a radio reporter announcing 4D…

Which Party Will You Vote For?

“I call this General Election to seek your mandate to take Singapore beyond SG50 into its next half century,” wrote PM Lee in his facebook. He mentioned the similar during our National Rally 2015 on 23 August 2015.

This GE2015 may involve the poll for as many as 11 parties including PAP, WP, SDP, NSP, RP, SF, SPP, DPP, SDA, PPP as well as an individual.  While eligible Singaporeans have a variety of choices in this GE 2015, we should be always conscious in our mind where we and Singapore stands in this dynamic world of economic survival. There is no perfect Government but there may be only One Capable And Yet Empathy Singapore Government to lead us and our children to SG100.

In one of the May 2015 articles, it was a bingo to guess this Singapore General Election to be in late 2015. This article summarized the past work improvement done by the Singapore Government to ensure the stability of our local Singapore property market. This really gives us a peace of mind because our own government is more worried about property bubble than property investors like us. Do you agree?

Which Polling Station Do You Need To Vote Within Singapore?

You will be assigned to vote at a local polling station near to your address in the register of electors.  Polling stations in Singapore are usually located within schools, community centres/clubs or void decks/precinct pavilions in public housing estates. To check the exact address of your own assigned polling station, click here.

Polling stations in Singapore will normally be opened from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Polling Day for you to cast your vote. You can go to your allotted polling station at any time during those hours to cast your vote – you need not rush to vote. From the past experience, the queues of voters and hence the waiting time for voting tend to be longest in the morning. However, please avoid going to vote too late and polling closes at 8 p.m.


  1. It may be a higher retrenchment risk for Pmets with older age and higher pay. It maybe good to start investing be it property investment or stock investing to build income and hedge against such real risk later.

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