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Highest HDB Resale Price

Highest HDB Resale Price

Highest HDB Resale Price | $1.09 mil @ Blk 194 Bishan St13

Highest HDB resale price was set to $1.09 million and not surprisely, it is block 194, Bishan Street 13 again! To be exact, the record high price of HDB flat in Singapore history (dated October 2014) is $1,088,888 !!! This is a 18 years old, high level,  HDB Maisonette located at Bishan St 13.

highest hdb resale price - Oct 2014


It may not be a surprise if the seller and buyer are both Chinese and they believe in Fengshui. This highest HDB resale price in Singapore has 5 digits of “8”. If you add all the digits together and sum it into a single digit, it will be a digit “5”. In Chinese or Hokkien term, it means already “have” or “own” something. This could explain why such record high price of HDB flat was set even in this current depressing property market due to a series of HDB property cooling measures. It has some irresistible values perhaps from geomacy perspective seen by the buyer.

highest hdb resale flat in singapore is at bishan

This highest HDB resale price has broken the record high price of HDB flat which is also located at Bishan St 13 dated in January this year. See the street map of this Bishan location. Interestingly, both highest HDB resale flats are conveniently located near Bishan amenities but yet at a good walking distant  from this bustling town centre. The neighbouring HDB owners of these few flats must be delighted as their valuation price will be positively impacted by such record high HDB flat price in Singapore. It is beyond the common logic to explain this ….

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