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NDP Tickets 2015 | How To Get NDP Tickets In Singapore

NDP Tickets 2015 | How To Get NDP Tickets In Singapore

NDP Tickets 2015 | How To Get NDP Tickets

NDP 2015 Ticket Application Process

  • 8-17 May 2015 : Apply NDP tickets (Either 9th August 2015 – Actual or 1st August 2015 – Preview)
  • 1-5 June 2015  : Notification of NDP Ticket Balloting Results via SMS
  • 5-14 June 2015: Collection of NDP tickets

Where are the NDP ticketed venue options?

  • The Float
  • Padang
  • No preference

How many NDP tickets can you apply?

  • 2 or 4 or 6 tickets
  • To ensure fair balloting, note that those who apply 2 tickets will have higher chance than those who apply for 4 tickets and so forth.

At the float, the spectators will be treated to pre-parade festivities, ‘live’ fireworks display, navy display and aerial display. The Parade will be screened ‘live’.

ndp tickets 2015

NDP 2015


How to get NDP tickets?  There are four main methods namely:                    book seminar now    book seminar nowndp tickets

  • Apply NDP tickets via online
  • Apply NDP tickets via SMS
  • Apply NDP tickets via AXS station
  • Apply NDP tickets via SAM station


While the NDP ticket application are only available to Singaporeans and PRs, I wish the ticketing system balloting could be in a fair way to give priority to those who have not attended any recent NDPs with a higher chance of getting these NDP tickets 2015. I am one of them who had applied 4 NDP tickets on 8 May 2015 and I look forward to hear good news in early June to celebrate SG50.


Take note SG 50 NDP 2015 Ticketing’s Terms and Conditions Before Submission

1. By clicking on the “I Agree” button below, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions set forth by the NDP ’15 Executive Committee.

2. Only Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for the tickets for the Actual NDP (National Day Parade) and the NDP Preview

3. Ticket application starts from 8th May 2015 and ends on 17th May 2015. Tickets will NOT be given on a first-come-first-served basis. All valid applications will go through the e-balloting system.

4. Each applicant must opt for either tickets for the Actual NDP, or tickets for the NDP Preview. (Actual NDP is on 9th August 2015, while the NDP Preview is on 1st August 2015)

5. Each applicant must opt for 2, 4 or 6 tickets. The chances of winning 2 tickets would be higher than that of winning 4 or 6 tickets. Similarly, the chances of winning 4 tickets will be higher than that of winning 6 tickets.

6. Every NRIC holder is limited to ONE application per mode (‘mode’ being NDP website, AXS/SAM machines, and SMS), but only the latest application made will be eligible for e-balloting.

7. Singaporean Citizens will have double chances in winning the tickets as compared to the Singapore Permanent Residents. Singapore Permanent Residents will have double chances in winning the tickets as compared to the previous NDP ticket winners.

8. Applicants who select No preference in the venue options will be balloted for both locations, i.e. they will be balloted for both the Padang seats, as well as the Marina Floating Platform seats.

9. Balloting results are final and no appeal would be entertained.

10. Successful applicants would be notified via SMS between the 1st June 2015 to 5th June 2015 through their preferred contact numbers provided during application.

11. Applicants are subjected to receive SMS notifications or advertisements authorized by the NDP 15 Executive Committee.

12. All tickets for the Actual NDP and the NDP Preview are not to be sold for any gain, monetary or otherwise.

13. Each ticket admits one spectator to the parade. Children (inclusive of infants) must hold a valid ticket to be admitted to the parade.


  1. Many thanks for putting up this post. If not, i could have missed the NDP ticket 2015 application. Just applied for two NDP tickets.

  2. No worries Mark.

    For those who have not applied, we only left two days before the closure time of the NDP ticket application.

  3. I have applied for four ndp tickets. Thanks!

  4. I have applied for 2 NDP Tickets.. Hoping for the best to get the tickets.. thanks..

    • Hope we have the best of luck to get the limited NDP 2015 tickets. You may receive SMS notification of the results via the NDP ticketing system these few days until 5 jun.

      • Saw quite a few still looking to get NDP 2015 tickets. Application for NDP 2015 tickets had already closed on 17 May 2015.

        *Successful applicants would have been notified from 1 to 5 June 2015 via the contact number provided in their application.

        **Successful applicants may collect their tickets from 5 to 14 June 2015, between 10am and 10pm daily, at Marina Square Shopping Mall Atrium (6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039594), where the NDP 2015 Exhibition will be held in conjunction. Failure to collect the tickets by 14 June 2015 will result in forfeiture.

  5. My family and I have been applying for NDP tickets every year but not once we ever get it. …. sad
    How else can we get to see the parade live beside this balloting method….

    • Hi Jojo,

      I can certainly understand how you feel. This NDP 2015 is special due to SG50 celebrations. Aerial show will have 50 planes and one should not give it a miss even if he/she did not win the balloted tickets. Perhaps i can suggest two ways depending on different preferences by individuals.

      1. Chop some places near the float earlier with a glimpse of the big screen video screenshots. I tried this method few years ago with my family. You will not have the best views but you can still enjoy the same aerial show and fireworks like those in the actual crowd.

      2. I did my family staycation at MBS last month and took a cityview video from the skypark. You will be able to see clearly the float and Marina Bay area. You may not be able to have the same mood with the crowd while watching the performance but you will have the best view for the NDP aerial show and fireworks. I suppose the hotel rooms are fully booked. Skypark tickets may or may not available. Can be used for next year’s considerations. Check this video out : https://propertyinvestmentsingapore.sg/blog/marina-bay-sands-skypark-infinity-pool-city-view/

      3. Be it the first or second options, we can bring along a 3G iPad if we can have one. In this way, we can view the shows online and have a feel of the mood and enjoy the best aerial show and fireworks.

  6. My name is Kal and I need 2 NDP tickets as soon as possible is anyone selling Ndp tickets p.s. Contect me as soon as possible my contact on is 9800xxxx

    • Hi Kal,

      We just provide a link here to apply for SG50 NDP 2015 tickets for more people to be aware of such service. We don’t really sell tickets here.

      PIS admin

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