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Overseas Property Investment Guide

Overseas Property Investment Guide

Overseas Property Investment Guide

Overseas property investment becomes popular in Singapore as Singaporeans find that property investment Singapore is getting very challenging due to the local cooling measure and high property prices. Based on past trends, Singaporeans favor popular property markets such as London, Australia, USA, Malaysia and Philippines. Since the beginning of 2015, you may also start to see that there are more foreign property investment opportunities such as those from Japan and even from emerging neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar.

While Singapore property investors are currently facing the affordability and returns issues, property investment in Singapore is still a safer bet aside the current low level of rental yield rates especially in the residential property market. However, if you are considering overseas property investment, the risks will be higher due to the various overseas government policies, tax regulations as well as environmental issues. You should have a clear idea regarding how you intend to use the property and whether you are looking at a short term or long term investment.

In short, do your own diligence first before you jump into becoming a foreign property investor.  Often, financial standing of the property developer and proper valuation of the property are not provided. There are bargains in many of the countries that have seen dramatic price cuts, however you must be aware of downside risks and to have the ability to hold the properties should anything falls apart.

Below article is an interesting overseas property investment guide which spells out what the common things to focus on while one is dealing with overseas property investment. It may be good for me to share this property investment checklist especially to those novices who intend to invest overseas properties. Happy investing.

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Source: The Sunday Times – Invest. 3 May 2015

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