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Room Rental Singapore

Room Rental Singapore

Which types of room rental do you prefer?

Seminar Room Rental Singapore

If you’re looking for a professional space for a company training seminar, business conference or corporate or client meeting, you have come to the right seminar room rental Singapore portal. We offer affordable and spacious meeting room with various configurations that suit your needs.

  • Select the seminar room rental style that best suits your business need
  • Access audiovisual equipment and on-site support for your company event
  • Enjoy free Internet access in every conference area
  • Easy to book our meeting room online for either half day or full day reservations
  • Raised platform to allow better views from the back seats

You can pick a layout of our meeting room to fit your meeting or other kinds of business events

  • Theatre Style– for professional presentations and business seminars
  • Classroom Style – a comfortable education or training environment
  • Cluster Style –  ideal for formal business meeting

Seminar Room Rental Singapore



Condo Room For Rent Singaporecondo room rental singapore

For better comfort, privacy, facilities and security, you can look for condo for rent in Singapore. This will come with a higher condo room rental as the condominiums in Singapore are generally more expensive to own. For expatriates who are looking for condo for rent in more central locations, they can refer to the Singapore district map for district 1, 2, 3, 4 or settle those in the city suburbs in districts such as district 5 to 14. There are also no lack of cheaper condo room rentals in outer suburbs of Singapore. For some of them, they can be also well connected by MRT trains as well.


HDB Flat For Rent Singaporehdb room rental singapore

You can easily find HDB for rent in Singapore because 80% of Singaporeans are living in such public housing flats at a subsidized rate by the government. With a well connected transportation network including MRT/LRT stations and bus interchanges, you may get better chances to find HDB for rent in Singapore which such convenient locations even such HDB flats are located in the suburbs.

HDB room rentals are generally less expensive than condo room rentals in Singapore. You are also likely to find a larger space for HDB rooms as compared to those of condominium rooms. However, you are going to get lesser in terms of personal privacy as well as HDB flats do not come with any exclusive amenities such as gymnastics, swimming pools, private function rooms, billiard rooms and etc.

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