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SG50 NDP 2015 Singapore

SG50 NDP 2015 Singapore

SG50 NDP 2015 – Singapore Turns 50SG50

SG50 NDP 2015 will not be fun without Singaporeans’ involvement! I will be bringing my family of four to celebrate this SG 50 during our NDP 2015. In case if i could not get NDP tickets 2015, we will still go to Merlion or around Marina Bay area to feel the SG50 spirits during our National Day Parade. Let’s look forward to have great fun in this golden jubilee celebration.

What Do You Want In SG50 NDP 2015 Celebrations?

SG50 NDP Aerial Show 2015 [ 1st August 2015 ]

sg50-ndp-aerial-displaySG50 NDP Aerial Show 2


SG50 NDP Firework 360 – 2015 [ 1st August 2015 ]

SG50 NDP Firework 2015

SG50 Events

sg50 events

NDP Song 2015 By Dick Lee

SG50 Gift Pack

SG50 gift pack will be distributing out to 1.2 million Singapore households. This SG50 NDP gift pack will include commemerative items, snacks and other NDP 2015 memorable items.

SG50-NDP- 2015-gift-pack

Grab NDP Tickets now (Application Starts from 8 May 2015 and ended 17 May 2015)

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Though Mr. Lee Kuan Yew can’t be with us to celebrate this SG50, let’s not forget to pay tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and remembering him.


  1. Cool. Will love to celebrate SG50.
    Quite easy to apply online for 4 NDP 2015 tickets.. Took about 30secs.

  2. Hi,

    NDP 2015 tickets balloting starts from 8 May 2015. You may apply NDP 2015 tickets via online or SMS option and choose the venue to be either Floating Platform or Padang.

    Results will be out by first week of June 2015. Don’t miss this SG 50 event.

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