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URA Master Plan

URA Master Plan

URA Master Plan Introduction


URA Master Plan is one of the best planning tools which Singapore property investors and developers can make use of. So what is exactly URA Master Plan? It is a government’s strategic plan for the development of Singapore land and property in a medium term horizon of the next 10 to 15 years. URA Master Plan will include the details such as the permissible land use and density for such development. It was started since 1958 and progressively being updated in 1980, 2003, 2008 and 2014.

What we can say to our-self is that we are fortunate to receive such trusted information from Singapore Government. Comparing around the Asian countries and ASEAN, such information is also more accessible and transparent. If URA Master Plan includes development sites near your current residential site or sites which you may wish to invest in, then it is a must to know more. Potential upside will come if you can see such developments under cooking in your mind. This will help you in making informed decision about your Singapore property investment.

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URA Master Plan 2014


URA Master Plan 2014

URA Master Plan 2014 is the gazetted version (dated 6 June 2014) of draft URA Master Plan 2013 with a vision set to have highly liveable, economically vibrant and green home for all Singaporeans. Such master plan focuses six areas in terms of housing, public places, transport, identity, recreation and economy. The idea is to explore better use of our Singapore land especially those larger land usage for military training, golf courses and agriculture. In addition, other strategies are to expand the Singapore’s land size by reclamation and underground developments.

In the aspect of housing, URA Master Plan 2014 covers new developments in areas such as Tengah, Bidadari and Tampines North as well as expanding towns like Punggol. The rejuvenation of housing areas such as Dawson and Bedok brings more new homes to young couples who want to stay near their parents in mature estates.


URA Master Plan Map


Check this free new eService from URA. I have download the free mobile app “Master Plan 2014 – Singapore” to my samsung phone via Google Play. Iphone version is available via iTune too. Alternatively, you can visit URA Master Plan Map and click at the area of your interest on the Singapore Map and you will be able to see the below URA eservice screen.

URA Master Plan Map eService


If you click the download button, you can download the URA Master Plan Map For Marina South.

URA Master Plan Map

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